Hypersomnia is an open source game project aiming to become a free software MMO with a persistent world featuring an elaborate storyline.

It is a futuristic universe with elements of fast-paced shooter, stealth and role-playing game.
Set in a hypothetical afterlife reality, it shall provide joy through altruistic behaviours and fulfillment of elaborate social roles,
including, but not limited to, sowing panic as a traitor to benevolent ones.

Decide upon your allegiance to one of the three warring factions whose apple of discord is a disparity between prevailing notions of moral excellence.
Metropolis; Atlantis; Resistance.

There is yet no official lore or wiki apart from a huge Game Design Document whose assumptions are being slowly, yet steadily, fulfilled.
The stories written are many, but they will be polished and revealed when all else is complete.

As it currently stands, the project is being brought to life with mere forces of a single man;
he holds the project in his highest esteem and is well aware it will necessarily take months of intense, wholehearted labour.

// Tiled cathedral with dynamic pixel-art lighting

[More screenshots]

Here you can watch a very old singleplayer version with nasty enemies.

// Technicalities

The project takes advantage of the following technologies:
* C++
* OpenGL
* OpenAL Soft
* Box2D // physics simulation engine
* GNU Libmicrohttpd // for a simple http widget with server statistics
* Lua with sol2 // mostly configuration
* ENet // networking engine
* polypartition // polygon partitioning library
* FreeType // font glyph rendering

The rest being the craftsmanship of the founder.