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# Update packages & install fuse sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y fuse sudo yum makecache && sudo yum install -y fuse sudo pacman -Sy && sudo pacman -S --noconfirm fuse2 sudo dnf makecache && sudo dnf install -y fuse # Download Hypersomnia-Headless wget https://hypersomnia.xyz/builds/latest/Hypersomnia-Headless.AppImage # Grant execution permission chmod +x Hypersomnia-Headless.AppImage # Run the server in the background nohup ./Hypersomnia-Headless.AppImage --daily-autoupdate > /dev/null 2>&1 &

To be able to manage your server, remember to set the master_rcon_password in ~/.config/Hypersomnia/user/config.force.lua - see default_config.lua for reference. Open your game client. Setup your RCON password in Settings -> Client. Then, press F8 when you're on your server to open the administration panel.

"--daily-autoupdate" flag causes the server to update itself every 24 hours at 03:00 AM (your local time), if a newer game version is available. This flag is highly recommended so you don't have to keep up with frequent game updates (the game is in active development). You can also set the flag in RCON settings (press F8 and go to Vars tab).