Upcoming event onFOSS in Saturday, 23 September 2023. Hypersomnia scheduled at 14:30UTC (16:30 GMT+2).

Server List

Name Game Mode Players Spectators Arena First appeared Address
[PL] arena.hypersomnia.xyz Bomb Defusal 2/16 0/16 fy_iceworld 1 day ago
[DE] Fight Yard Gun Game 0/16 0/16 fy_iceworld 1 day ago
[AU] hypersomnia.moxvallix.com Gun Game 0/16 0/16 mc_overworld_1 1 day ago
[CIS/RU] RetroNET Server Bomb Defusal 0/16 0/16 de_cyberaqua 1 day ago

Host Dedicated Server

# Update package manager cache and install fuse sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y fuse sudo yum makecache && sudo yum install -y fuse sudo pacman -Sy && sudo pacman -S --noconfirm fuse2 sudo dnf makecache && sudo dnf install -y fuse # Download Hypersomnia using the following command wget https://hypersomnia.xyz/builds/latest/Hypersomnia.AppImage # Grant execution permission to the file chmod +x Hypersomnia.AppImage # Run the dedicated server in the background nohup ./Hypersomnia.AppImage --dedicated-server --no-router > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Remove "--no-router" if you're hosting on your PC rather than a proper VPN.

To be able to manage your server, remember to set a master_rcon_password in ~/.config/Hypersomnia/user/config.force.lua - see default_config.lua for reference.