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[09.04.2016] [GUI progress: world entity highlighting]
It's done! As promised, highlighting of objects inspired by Deus Ex:

It respects the rendering order; any stacking of truck trailers in particular.
I will use the mechanism for targeting or something alike, maybe selecting objects I intend to pick up,
or maybe even opening some context menus with actions available for given object.

It will sure come in handy once I introduce map creation mode.

[07.04.2016] [GUI progress: tooltips for slots and items]
It doesn't make sense to have DX-like entity highlighting if the entities have no names or descriptions at all!

Hence I've implemented tooltips.
A short description is presented to the user whenever they hover an item or a slot with the gui cursor.

World item highlighting coming in two days, tops.

[06.04.2016] [Official to-do list/GDD becomes publicly available]
From now on, I will be versioning the official to-do list of the project.
It's located here:

From this you can learn about my plans in more detail,
however the technical entries are a mess - they aren't exactly designed to be understood by anybody else because these are mostly just quick notes for my own use.
If somebody joins for real, I will make every single word of it...

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[04.04.2016] [Inventory progress: stacking]
GUI now supports grabbing arbitrary amounts of items using mouse wheel.
You can now compose rifle magazines freely with a mixture of colors of your choice.

When closed, magazines count bullets inside, but when open, they print how much space is left.
Did some minor glitch fixing, too.

Next will be something special - a Deus Ex-like HUD that highlights items in focus (hovered by mouse in this case).


[03.04.2016] [Primary inspirations]
I won't lie.
These ideas of mine are not entirely unrepeated.

"Game design is pretty much one giant incestuous ball of borrowing, and, honestly, is better for it."

Could not agree more.
After all, fabrication of new games is just propagation of schemata, inheritance of characteristics of one generation by the next,
for as natural selection evaluates living entities, so shall our minds breed what cherishes them most.

Consequently, I...

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[02.04.2016] [Welcome to The Newscast Atlantis!]
I must proudly announce that I have finished setting up my developer blog!

Welcome to my journal for Hypersomnia Project, an upcoming multiplayer top-down shooter.

Here you shall witness how a dream project comes true, day after day, one little step at a time.

I'll do my best to publish new posts at least once in a week.
I will document new features or just write down my thoughts...

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