I won't lie.
These ideas of mine are not entirely unrepeated.

"Game design is pretty much one giant incestuous ball of borrowing, and, honestly, is better for it."

Could not agree more.
After all, fabrication of new games is just propagation of schemata, inheritance of characteristics of one generation by the next,
for as natural selection evaluates living entities, so shall our minds breed what cherishes them most.

Consequently, I nominate several productions that I truly hold dear for the following reasons:
  • Hotline Miami for its insane pace and due recognition of one's skill;
  • Deus Ex (the first one particularly) for its wonderful city vibes, splendid pixely HUD and open-mindedness about solutions to problems;
  • Tibia for how it made people actually fear death in a video game (Many years ago, I got killed in this game, cried bitterly and remained restless for the rest of the day)
    and for how it is (or at least used to be) community-centered.

These are elements I find utterly important to my plan.
All these combined constitute a game that I would play tirelessly until the very end of my days,
and possibility of that is what keeps me in pursuance of The Hypersomnia Project.

I'm gonna get some sleep and work hard on the inventory system tomorrow afternoon.