I have coded some brand new elements of GUI.
You can now accurately inspect trajectory of your projectile with this nicely glowing laser:

The laser changes its appearance with regard to hostility of the targeted party.

It can turn green when pointing at an ally:

Or it can turn red when pointing at a foe:

The laser also appears as a dashed line beyond the first physical obstacle.

Furthermore, I have programmed a Deus Ex-inspired hotbar used to quickly draw weapons and other items.
Whilst picking up items, hotbar will automatically populate with shortcuts. Currently wielded items are highlighted with full border.

I can press Q to quickly draw the previously wielded weapon.
Dual wields are also possible. Just press two buttons without releasing either and you have a dual wield:

If a dual wielding setup is selected after another dual wielding setup,
Q will correctly go back to the previous dual wield, instead of switching between single weapons.
When dual wielding, the hotbar button whose assigned item resides in the secondary hand will have a paler color (it's configurable).

Drag and drop is also fully functional within the hotbar: you can easily assign the items to slots, reassign them or clear assignments altogether:

Hints describing the imminent action are provided - Assign, Reassign, Clear assignment.

That's it about recent progress.

I will be now working on a little something that will work as mana, in my universe properly called Personal Electricity, and then code some test damage and healing spells.