Hypersomnia gets even more action!

Let me now introduce the new features chronologically.

Sentience bars, the new HUD elements, will always notify you of the value of your
Health points, Personal Electricity points and Consciousness points.
If you have any temporary perks enabled, bars will appear telling you the time remaining.

For now, the purpose of Consciousness points is to limit the maximum sprint duration.
For Consciousness to regenerate, you have to stay still for a while - it remains frozen if you keep walking.
This is to force people to just walk when a long distance is to be travelled, instead of running all the time.
I will also make it so that when Consciousness drops to 0,
a character is knocked unconscious without the standard loss of experience.

Personal Electricity serves the exact same purpose that "mana points" serve in most of the video games.
In the universe, it is described as the amount of matter programmable by mind, that one has still in disposition.
It is the fuel requisite to cast spells, which brings us to the next feature:

Hypersomnia gets yet another GUI element, this time an action bar.
Above the hotbar, you will be able to assign hotkeys to spells and maybe some other actions in the future.
Spells for which there is not enough Personal Electricity appear desaturated.
There is also a black clock overlay on the spells for which the cooldown still lasts.
Spells will have incantations, meaning it will even be possible to cast them from the chat;
I made the phrases for these incantations by combining some random words from Greek, without particular reason.

Upon successful casting, colorful sparkles appear along with a proper sound effecct.
If however either the cooldown or insufficient PE prevents you from casting,
a gray smoke appears for a fraction of a second, with a distinct sound effect, too.

As of currently, there are exactly 5 fully functional spells:

Haste lets you move faster.

Fury of the Aeons (FOTA) deals massive damage in the vicinity of the caster:

Technically speaking, it spawns a forceful explosion (ignoring the caster) which also respects the visibility.

Ultimate Wrath of the Aeons (UWOTA) is a stronger version of FOTA;
it spawns three huge explosions in a quick succession, with the cost of a slight delay and drastically more PE required:

Notice how the explosion respects the wall and the truck.
Smokes and flashy particles are spawned along the areas within the reach of the impact,
or simply in a perfect ring if there are no obstructions at all.
The center of the explosion is also slightly illuminated.
Affected characters, this time including the caster, get a massive aimpunch. It makes you feel the impact better.

Electric Triad spawns three electric balls towards three closest hostiles:

(slowmo at the beginning)

Electric Shield protects you from damage in a way that drains Personal Electricity instead of Health.
It also prevents aimpunch.

Speaking of, notice the new damage effects!
When you die, a massive force is applied to both your character and his items, to improve game's dynamics.
An exploding ring can be noticed wherever the bullet hits,
and in the case of health damage, there are also red smokes, flashy, animated particles and thunders (which also spawn particles upon their exit).
Thunders will collide with almost everything, including items:

They deal no damage, though. It's just an aesthetic detail.

New item is introduced - Amplifier arm:

It shoots homing energy balls draining slight amount of PE with each shot:

There are also improvements to the shooting experience.
Muzzle smoke has been added. Bullets also leave their own smokes with their respective colors.
Low ammo sound cue has been added.
Also, when shooting really intensely, a firearm engine can be heard cooling off.

Collision sounds have been added for items colliding with each other.
Material types are respected, meaning that there will be a different sound if a metallic item collides with wood,
and a different one if both colliders are metallic.

Watch the following video to see all of the above features, including the sound effects: