The game will now perform a very busy first launch, wherein it will procedurally regenerate:

- buttons with corners used for hotbar and menu buttons
- desaturations requested for some textures
- all neon maps - I won't have to blur all the images by hand anymore - the game will do it on its own!
This also means that the neon images will be more consistent.
- detailed polygonizations of images needed for better accuracy of physical shapes
- HUD circles like health bars
- fonts from .ttf files
- atlases for all of the above.
Like this:

The console log then looks like this:

It's almost as if my game became more lively in a single moment!
This only happens once though as on every subsequent launch, the game has all the baked atlases and other resources ready to be loaded straight away.
The regenerators also output .stamp files which contain copy of the inputs gathered from configs
along with the last write time of the source image, should one exist:

This way, the regenerators know exactly which resources are to be created again due to a change in config or in a source image.

Needless to say, all of this drastically reduces the time needed to launch the application,
by my measurements at least by 150 ms - which is quite a number considering
that it was already starting up in a fraction of a second.

My game was also accepted to the very front page of the [],
where I've posted a description of the game, this time in Polish.
Click on the banner:

I will be now working on grenades:

See you soon!