About me

I am an independent developer with a lifelong interest in study and practice of programming.
I was born in 1995.
In 2008, I involved myself deeply in the art of manufacturing games - being an audiovisual immersion, both joyful and sublime,
they are a perfect retreat from the diseases of our mad universe.

I am currently working full-time on Hypersomnia and will continue to do so regardless of hardships to come.
This project is the manifestation of my love for all games considered oldschool, especially ones that reward devotion.
My dream is to create a vast, storytelling universe, and therein gather numerous men exclusively to my liking,
with whom we would engage into this immaterial world to play our roles.

I want my men to be nostalgic about my game even before its greatness becomes but a tale of some distant past.

You can find me on StackExchange and all of my former projects on GitHub.
Contact me via e-mail.

My selected works:

Research on prime numbers
Sensibilia - a game project for ImagineCup Contest // its description got me TOP30 of Poland. The project is abandoned

I envision a server populated with players of my game, a warm processing unit that continuously propagates schemata I've designed;
an entropic entity that tirelessly exchanges state of my macrocosm with hundreds of individuals across the planet, whilst scattering cyan neons across the dark bedroom.

When I place this machine under my pillow and fall asleep while listening to the heartbeat of my universe, my life will be complete.