Hypersomnia will be available on Steam. Planned Release Date: 28 Dec, 2023


Short description
A clone of the infamous CS map.
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Have you ever had so much time that you had no idea where to spend it? Today is your lucky day! I present you with the most time-wasting and skill-less map humanity has ever come up with! Millions of teenagers around the world, instead of doing something more productive, like masturbation, have wasted their time on this mindless map with gameplay that teaches nothing. Abandon all your attempts to employ a tactical playstyle, and join our procrastination forces to sink even lower! This is my attempt to become familiar with the editor and explore its capabilities and limitations. Although it seems that the original creator of the map had the same idea, but in a different context. I'd like to put the author's name here, but alas, it's not available in the original BSP file, and on the internet, you can only find rumors about who the original creator might be. All assets on this map are public domain.
3 months ago
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